DFG Schedules Public Meetings for Biennial Groundfish Management Regulations

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The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is in the process of refining 2009 and 2010 regulation alternatives for the commercial and recreational groundfish fisheries. Two regional public meetings are scheduled to gather input on the current range of alternatives. Fisheries managers plan to discuss issues surrounding the development of the 2009 and 2010 biennial groundfish season and regulations, current management constraints, highlight potential management alternatives and options, and answer questions about the management process.

Many of the proposed changes to regulations only affect the portion of California from Pigeon Point to the Oregon border.

The public meeting dates and locations are as follows:

  • May 1, 2008, 6 to 9 p.m., City of Trinidad Town Hall, 409 Trinity St., Trinidad
  • May 5, 2008, 4 to 7 p.m., Sonoma County Water Agency, 404 Aviation Blvd., Santa Rosa

The California Fish and Game Commission has final approval of commercial nearshore and recreational regulation options, and public comments and suggestions received will help the DFG to narrow the range of management alternatives provided to the Commission for consideration. The Commission will provide direction to the DFG for use at the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) final regulation adoption hearing during its June 9 -13, 2008 meeting in Foster City.

New information is available on the status of black rockfish, blue rockfish, canary rockfish and yelloweye rockfish based on 2007 assessments. “Overfished” groundfish species including canary rockfish and yelloweye rockfish are protected while stocks continue to rebuild. These protections continue to constrain fishing opportunities for associated species of rockfish and other groundfish. DFG will be developing fishing regulations that provide fishing opportunities while continuing to conserve these rebuilding stocks by minimizing encounters with them and subsequent mortality.

For additional information on how the public may provide comments or for other marine fisheries information, please go to DFG’s Web site at www.dfg.ca.gov/marine/fishing or the PFMC Web site at www.pcouncil.org/groundfish/gfcurmgmt.html. For the California Fish and Game Commission meeting schedule, please go to www.fgc.ca.gov.


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