National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses, Apprentice Hunting License Encourages Novices to Go Afield Legislative Sportsmen’s Forum Ends Session with Wins for Sportsmen

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Lincoln, NB – Nebraska’s hunters and fishermen can continue to look to the Nebraska Legislative Sportsmen’s Forum as the ‘sportsmen’s voice’ in the State Legislature. This session, the Forum introduced important legislation including an Apprentice Hunting License.

Writing and passing this bill was the number one goal for the Sportsmen’s Forum this session and the Forum was vigilant in attending to sportsmen’s issues. When legislation is introduced, from the mundane to the extreme, the forum members lay aside their political differences and unite to advance the pro-sportsmen agenda. Some of the bills that were introduced are listed.

Apprentice Hunter License (LB 690) – Sponsored by Forum member Senator Deb Fischer, this successful legislation, signed into law by the Governor, establishes an exemption to the state hunter education course for newcomers to hunting to purchase an apprentice hunting license and participate in hunting while under supervision by a licensed hunter. The purpose of the bill is to extend limited hunting privileges to persons interested in learning about hunting sports.

Nebraska Legislative Sportsmen’s Forum Chairman, Senator Tony Fulton, said “Senator Fischer, a longtime member of the Nebraska Legislative Sportsmen’s Forum, sponsored LB690 which will introduce more young Nebraskans to hunting in our great state. Many members of the Forum co-sponsored the legislation, and it passed with overwhelming support. The future for the next generation of Nebraska sportsmen is a shade brighter this year.”

No Hunting, No Fishing Either! – LB 929 would have prohibited hunting, trapping and fishing in Nebraska and made it a misdemeanor for a person caught pursuing any of these; a felony for the second offense. The legislation did not pass.

What Emergency? – LB 743 citing an ‘emergency’, this legislation would have made it unlawful trap within a county road right of way, to shoot at any wildlife from any highway or roadway, and included provisions for suspension of hunting privileges, exceeding bag limits, hunting without permission and established penalties for violations. The legislation stopped kicking in February.

Hunters Feeding the Hungry – LB 1059 was a bill that included many deer hunting and depredation provisions. A clause regarding ‘hunters feeding the hungry’ established procedures for the administration of the deer donation program and encouraged hunters, during periods of excessive deer populations, to harvest more deer than needed for personal consumption and to donate those deer to a program to feed residents of Nebraska who are in need. The legislation did not pass.

As illustrated, diligence is necessary within the halls of the state legislature to ensure that the heritage and traditions of hunting, fishing and trapping in Nebraska are secure. The Nebraska Legislative Sportsmen’s Forum exists for that very reason.

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