DNREC’s Landowner Incentive Program Now Accepting Project Proposals

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The DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Delaware Landowner Incentive Program (LIP) today announced a request for proposals from private landowners seeking to protect, enhance and/or restore habitat to benefit the First State’s species of greatest conservation need.  

Projects may range from restoring or enhancing coastal plain ponds for tiger salamanders and controlling invasive species in bog turtle habitats, to establishing native warm season grasses for upland sandpipers and planting trees for Delmarva fox squirrels. Although LIP targets species of greatest conservation need, habitat projects designed for the target species almost always translate to benefits for a wide variety of species, including many game species.

Since LIP was established in 2003, 120 landowners have received funding and 1,261 acres of private property throughout Delaware have been protected, restored and/or enhanced. Eligible habitat management practices include grassland habitat management, reforestation and selective thinning, wetland restoration and enhancement and control of invasive species and woody vegetation.

Through LIP, technical and financial assistance is provided to landowners based on the practice used. Landowners selected to participate will receive financial assistance in the form of rental payments for lost agricultural income, and/or cost-share for habitat management practices.  

Interested landowners may request a hard copy of the LIP proposal application and the request for proposal guidelines to be mailed to them by calling 302-735-3600 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Proposal applications and guidelines may also be downloaded from the Division’s web site at www.dnrec.state.de.us/dplap/

Proposals should describe actions to be taken on the private landowner’s property addressing the management, protection and restoration of habitats to benefit at least one species of greatest conservation need. To obtain a list of Delaware’s species of greatest conservation need, please visit www.dnrec.state.de.us/nhp/information/SpeciesNeed.shtml, or contact Wade Dunning at 302-735-3600. 

Completed electronic applications should be sent to Wade [dot] Dunning [at] state [dot] de [dot] us, or hard copies should be delivered in person or by mail to:

Private Lands Assistance Program
Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife
Landowner Incentive Program
6180 Hay Point Landing Road
Smyrna, DE 19977 

To be considered for 2008 funding, applicants must submit one hard copy and/or electronic copy of their proposals to the Division by 4 p.m. Friday, May 16, 2008. Applicants are responsible for ensuring timely delivery. Any proposals received after closing date will be returned unopened.


For more information, contact Wade Dunning, Delaware Private Lands Assistance Program, 302-735-3600, or Joanna C. Wilson, Public Affairs, 302-739-9902.