Facts About New Trapping Procedure for Emerald Ash Borer in Iowa

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To help in the detection of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in the state of Iowa, the collaborative partners of the Iowa Department of Agriculture, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa State University Extension, and U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Protection and Quarantine, have rolled out a new survey initiative to look for the exotic, ash tree-killing insect. EAB researchers have developed a new survey tool, a purple prism trap and lure that will be used in Iowa and in 45 other states throughout the country.

EAB survey crews will place nearly 1,200 traps in ash trees at strategic locations throughout the Iowa. The purple traps are covered in glue and contain a lure to attract and catch any EAB adult beetles that are present in the state. Program officials will monitor the traps throughout the summer and will remove the traps in the fall.

Purple Trap Specifics:

  • The purple prism traps are made from corrugated plastic, roughly 1-foot wide by 2-feet long.
  • The outside of the traps will be coated with non-toxic glue and will be hung in ash trees or attached to the trunks.
  • The traps will contain a lure (Manuka oil) that is attractive to EAB adult beetles.
  • The traps will be monitored and insect specimens will be collected.
  • The purple traps pose no risk to humans, pets or wildlife; however, the non-toxic glue can be extremely sticky and messy if touched.

If a suspect beetle is found on a trap, it will be sent to a U.S. Department of Agriculture for identification. If you see a purple trap on the ground or damaged, please contact the State Entomologist’s Office [(515)-725-1470] or USDA Plant Protection and Quarantine [(515)-285-7044] to report it. You may also call the USDA EAB Hotline at 1 (866) 322-4512.

Citizens and municipalities are encouraged to assist in EAB detection and education by allowing trap placement on their property. Additional information on the EAB survey program is available online at www.PurpleEABsurvey.info.

Iowa contacts:

Iowa Department of Natural Resources – Tivon Feeley [Tivon [dot] Feeley [at] dnr [dot] iowa [dot] gov; (515) 281-4915]

Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship – Robin Pruisner [Robin [dot] Pruisner [at] Iowaagriculture [dot] gov; (515) 725-1470]

Iowa State University Extension – Mark Shour [mshour [at] iastate [dot] edu; (515) 294-5963]

USDA APHIS PPQ – Rob Meinders [robert [dot] d [dot] meinders [at] aphis [dot] usda [dot] gov; (515) 285-7044]