Apply Now For Resident Limited Quota Elk, Deer, Antelope Licenses

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CHEYENNE– Beginning May 1, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department will be accepting applications for resident limited quota elk, deer and antelope licenses. 

Application deadline is normally May 31, but since May 31 this year is on a weekend, the Game and Fish will accept applications received by 5 p.m. mountain time on June 2.  The Game and Fish advises hunters that all applications must be received in the Cheyenne office by the deadline date to be valid, regardless of the postmark date.

License draw manager Aaron Pelto advises hunters to get applications in early to avoid any potential delays with mail service.  “Even better is to apply online,” Pelto said.  “This will ensure that the application will be received by the deadline and will also ensure accuracy of the application.”

Pelto said that all applications, whether paper or online, must be received by the deadline date to be valid. To apply online, hunters need to go to the Game and Fish Web site.   Online applications are catching on with hunters.  In application periods recently completed for nonresidents, more than 60 percent of the applications received were taken online. 

“Online applications can be processed faster and require less manpower,” Pelto said.

Hunters should be aware that a number of areas have quota and season changes from previous years.  Big game summary maps for elk, deer and antelope, listing seasons and quotas for 2008 are now available at Game and Fish offices and license selling agents.