Jeremy Denny of Fremont Wins Cornhusker Cup

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DONIPHAN, Neb. – “What a difference a day makes. Nebraska was hit by high winds, ground blizzards that closed highways on Friday while Saturday dawned sunny, breezy and without a cloud in the sky at Doniphan,” said Rocky Hoffmann of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and shoot director for the 39th Annual High School Cornhusker Trapshoot.

The 2008 Cornhusker Trapshoot, held May 1-3 at the home grounds of the Nebraska Trapshooting Association (NTA) at Doniphan, attracted nearly 1,700 junior high school and high school boys and girls. When the last bluerock turned to dust during Saturday’s 100-yard handicap competition, Jeremy Denny of Fremont won the prestigious Cornhusker Cup awarded to the high overall individual score with a 194X200 targets. Ari Bowhay, of Scottsbluff, won the High Lady Trophy with a score of 190X200 targets.

“The annual Cornhusker Trapshoot is the largest event of its kind in the world,” Hoffmann said. “Each year we see young trapshooters from across Nebraska and several other states travel to Doniphan for the big event. All three days of shooting went extremely well, even in Nebraska’s spring weather that often includes about every weather event possible.”

“The young trapshooters are athletes in every sense of the word,” he added. “They train and practice with purpose and compete in local and regional trapshoots to hone their skills. At the same time, trapshooting requires safe gun handling and use. It was great to watch the tremendous sense of purpose, resourcefulness and responsibility that the young shooters demonstrated each day”.

The annual Cornhusker Trapshoot is sponsored by the Commission and the NTA with hundreds of sponsors, donors, coaches, parents and volunteers that help make each year’s shoot an event that is the envy of the nation’s trapshooting and youth sport shooting communities.

The 40th Annual 2009 Cornhusker Trapshoot will be held April 30-May 2, 2009 and junior high school and high school students that would like to make the Cornhusker Trapshoot and trapshooting part of their lives should contact community trap clubs located across Nebraska. All participants must have completed Nebraska’s hunter education course to qualify, and scholarships for shooting ability and school grades are offered by Cornhusker Trapshoot and sport shooting groups that include Ducks Unlimited and the National Rifle Association. For more information on the annual High School Cornhusker Trapshoot, contact the Commission and community trap clubs across Nebraska. Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, 301 E. State Farm Rd, North Platte, NE 69101-0430 or call (308) 535-8025 or email rocky [dot] hoffmann [at] ngpc [dot] ne [dot] gov


Saturday Handicap and Overall Cornhusker Results

High School Handicap winners, 18-19 yards – 1st, Spencer Asher, Waverly, 95X100; 2nd, Darren Vacek, Roncalli, 94; 3rd, Garrett Tooker, Oak Creek, 92.

20-21 yards – 1st, Keith Hartley, Beatrice, 96X100; 2nd, Dillon Petrizilka, Oak Creek, 93; 3rd, Richard Durand, East, Lincoln, 93.

22-23 yards – 1st, Tye Smith, McCook, 95X100; 2nd, Devin Herrick, Rep Valley, 94; 3rd, Taylor Cieslik, Oak Creek, 93.

24-25 yards – 1st, Dallas Shoemaker, Norris, 96X100; 2nd, Caleb Stapaules, Fairbury, 96; 3rd, Mark Nollette, Rep Valley, 93.

Top Three High School Lady Handicap Shooters – 1st, Ashley Nau, Scottsbluff, 96X100; 2nd, Ari Bowhay, Scottsbluff, 91; 3, Stephanie Gardeman, Fremont, 89.

Top Three High School Handicap Shooters – 1st, Jeremy Denny, Fremont, 97X100; 2nd, Jon Schriner, Red Cloud, 97; 3rd, Tim Warta, Wilber/Clatonia, 96.

Top Three 4-H Handicap Teams – 1st, Oak Creek 4-H, Brainard, 454X500; 2nd, Rep Valley Trap No. 1, Hastings, 445; 3rd, Karp and Krow, Ord, 437. Winning Team Members: Dillon Petrizilka, Tanner Wemhoff, Garrett Tooker, Tanya Prothman and Taylor Cieslik. Coach, Norm Bruner.

Top Three Ladies Handicap Teams – 1st, Wilber/Clatonia No. 3, Wilber, 398X500; 2nd, Ord No. 1, Ord, 387; 3rd, Marian No. 3, Omaha, 385. Winning Team Members: Nicole Krivohlavek, Rachelle Bors, Hillary Korinek, Amanda Bors and Echo Anderson. Coach, Chris Krivohlavek.

Top Three High School Handicap Teams – 1st, Northstar No. 2, Lincoln, 444X500; 2nd, Beatrice No. 1, Beatrice, 443; 3rd, Wilber/Clatonia No. 1, Wilber, 441. Winning Team Members: Brad Hodgin, Tyler Sylvester, Lucas Barnes, Brian Masat, and Ben Barnes. Coach: Roger Hudson.


Top Three 4-H High School Teams Overall – 1st, Rep Valley, Hastings, 878X1000; 2nd, Karp and Krow No. 1, Ord, 871; Oak Creek 4-H No. 1, Brainard, 871. Winning Team Members: Mark Nollette, Kelly Fainon, Jeremy Meyer, Devin Herrick and Brad Kohmetscher. Coach, Miles Doyle.

Top Three High School Lady’s Teams Overall – 1st, Papillion South No. 8, Papillion, 813X1000; 2nd, Rep Valley Trap No.3, Hastings, 812; 3rd, Ord No.1, Ord, 808. Winning Team Members: Melissa Harrack, Heather Woodle, Taylor Holzer, Jacquline Baude and Marissa Braddock. Coach, Mark Richards.

Top Three High School Teams Overall – 1st, Fremont No. 1, Fremont, 891X1000; 2nd, Scottsbluff No. 1, Scottsbluff, 889; 3rd, Grand Island NW No.1, Grand Island, 885. Winning Team Members: Jantzen Vekerna, Megan Assman, Jeremy Denny, Stephanie Gardeman and Jared Leland. Coach, Russ Leedom.

Top Three Individual Ladies Overall – 1st, Ari Bowhay, Scottsbluff, 190X200; 2nd, Asley Nau, Western NE Trap, Scottsbluff, 189; 3rd, Stephanie Gardeman, Fremont, 184.

Top Three Individuals Overall (1st Place is 2008 Cornhusker Cup Champion) – 1st, Jeremy Denny, Fremont, 194X200; 2nd, Caleb Stapaules, Fairbury, 193; 3rd, Dallas Shoemaker, Norris, 192.