Elk Applicants Can Take Advantage of Video Offer

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Applicants for this year’s elk license drawing can take advantage of a special video offer from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  For $16.25 an individual can apply for the elk hunt and receive a copy of the agency’s award-winning video, “Pennsylvania Elk: Reclaiming the Alleghenies.”  This video offer is not available through “The Outdoor Shop.”

The 85-minute video was sifted from 125 hours of field video gathered over a two and a half year period in the wilds of Cameron, Elk and western Clinton counties.  The video contains unparalleled elk close-ups, an intriguing look at elk natural history, eye-opening footage and insightful commentary.

Those interested should complete the “Special Offer” order form box on the application in the 2008-09 Pennsylvania Digest of Hunting & Trapping Regulations, along with the Elk License Application, and mail it with one check or money order made payable to the Pennsylvania Game Commission for $16.25 ($10 for the elk license drawing, $5 for the video and $1.25 for shipping and handling of the video). 

For those who applied for the elk hunt via the agency’s website and decide they want to take advantage of the video offer, write the online order number on the elk video form on the application, and send it to: Pennsylvania Game Commission, Elk License Application, P.O. Box 61890, Harrisburg, PA 17106-1890, along with a check or money order for $6.25 ($5 for the video and $1.25 for shipping and handling of the video).  Do not attempt to submit more than one application for the elk hunt drawing, as submitting two applications is a violation of the law.

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