Want Giant Catfish? No Need to Wait for Summer – the Action Starts Now

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Mention the words giant catfish and most anglers will turn their thoughts toward hot and humid summer weather, late night fishing excursions, and the potent aroma of fermenting stink bait. And while it’s true that Iowa’s own Mister Whiskers does indeed love the spa atmosphere, the sport of catfishing does have another, less known aspect that most anglers neglect.

When winter ends and the ice comes off Iowa lakes and streams, channel ‘cats are as eager to feed as any other gamefish. Forget those rancid homemade concoctions and commercial stink baits, they’re just not necessary right now. Although catfish will scavenge during early spring, they are also highly aggressive predators and are more than willing to hunt down live meals.

Regardless of whether spring anglers choose to fish lakes or rivers, those in the know head to wherever tile lines or natural tributary streams empty into larger waters. Minnows [bigger the better] are the universal bait of choice. Having said that, it should also be noted that the 14 ½ pounder pictured on this page was hooked on a tiny crappie minnow. Just goes to show that there are few hard and fast rules in the world of angling. When it comes to spring fishing, just getting out there can be the most important ingredient to success.

by Lowell Washburn