Fishing Agreements For Lake Seminole and St. Mary’s River Remain In Effect

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Florida and Georgia recently cancelled a longstanding agreement that allowed both states’ resident senior citizens to go freshwater fishing or hunting in either state without purchasing licenses.  However, special regulations adopted by the two states for Lake Seminole in Jackson County and the St. Mary’s River in Nassau and Baker counties remain in effect.

The regulations spell out that fishermen under age 16, those legally licensed in either state, exempt anglers or those who have obtained a free permanent license can fish in either water body.

The waters of Lake Seminole where Florida anglers may fish are generally defined as all waters south to the Jim Woodruff Dam and east to the area known as the Booster Club, and extending northwest across the lake to the tip of land at the junction of the Flint and Chattahoochee rivers.  Georgia residents, without a non-resident Florida fishing license, can fish the waters of Lake Seminole to Florida State Road 271.

The agreement covers the St. Mary’s River, with the exception of its tributaries on the Georgia side.

Bag limits for freshwater fish on both water bodies are as follows: black bass – 10 (must be 12 inches or greater); bream – 50; crappie – 30; pickerel – 15; and stripers/white bass – Lake Seminole – 15 (only two 22 inches or larger); stripers/white bass – St. Mary’s River – 2 (both fish must be 22 inches or larger).