Remember Safety Rules When Hunting Ground Squirrels

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As the snow slowly leaves the valley floor, avid outdoorsmen and women are anxious to get out and about.

Some hunters head out to enjoy the nice spring days by hunting those pesky little ground squirrels.

Even though this is not a big game hunt, ground squirrels can offer excitement and a chance to practice marksmanship. But keep in mind that there are still some basic rules that need to be followed.

First and foremost a valid Idaho hunting license is required to hunt squirrels or any other animal in Idaho. Second, remember the basic safety rules – always shoot in a safe direction, make sure you have an adequate backstop, and always ask permission if the land you are shooting upon is private.

Be careful about shooting around houses; in rural areas it is easy to forget that people live there and may be outside at any time. Children may be playing outside and their safety is extremely important.

Finally, do not shoot ground squirrels from or across a road. It is illegal to shoot from or across the traveled portion, shoulders, or embankment of any road maintained by any government entity.

When you head out to enjoy those early spring days, think safe and stay safe.

If you run into any illegal activity please call the Idaho Fish and Game CAP hotline at 1-800-632-5999.

Rick Carlson is the senior conservation officer in the Salmon Region.