Clubs and Teams Sign Up For A Pheasant Hunt

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Sportsmen’s clubs across the state who wish to encourage young people to participate in the traditions of safe, ethical hunting and to enjoy the great outdoors should sign up for a program designed specifically for clubs and young people by MassWildlife. The Massachusetts Young Adult Pheasant Hunt Program was designed to be conducted by sporting clubs who want to provide young adults ages 12 to 17 with a positive outdoor and hunting experience, as well as the opportunity to practice skills learned from the Basic Hunter Education course, in a safe, relaxed and friendly environment. Under the supervision of knowledgeable, safe adult hunters, young people experience shotgun shooting practice and handle firearms in the field at a “dress rehearsal”, and later, participate in an actual pheasant hunt. Clubs wishing to offer the program must sign up with MassWildlife by June 15.

Clubs choosing to participate in the program will receive a guide to conducting a successful program, a hunting safety kit that includes orange vests, eye and ear protection, and other educational materials on hunting safety. MassWildlife will provide participating clubs with pheasants for the hunt. Most of the activities associated with the Young Adult Pheasant Program will occur in the summer through October.

“This program serves two audiences,” said Mark Tisa, MassWildlife Assistant Director. “The first audience is the organized sporting club looking for ways to mentor young adult hunters in the skills and ethical standards of hunting. The other audience is the young adult hunter who has already learned some basic hunting skills and knowledge and wants to go further with the experience.” Tisa commented that this program provides an important “next step” in the education and experience of young, would-be hunters. 17 clubs across the state participated in the Young Adult Pheasant Program in 2007.

The deadline for clubs to sign up for the program is June 15. Clubs already planning to run a program this fall can download a Request for Pheasants and Program Materials as well as an Application form from the Education area of MassWildlife’s website at:  New clubs to the program can also download the 2008 planning guide designed specifically for the Young Adult Pheasant Hunt. For more information, contact Mark Tisa at 508/389-6328.