Plan Now To Complete The Cutt-Slam

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CHEYENNE– Sometime this year, the number of anglers who have completed Wyoming’s Cutt-Slam program will reach the 500 milestone.  To date, 479 anglers in 39 states and two foreign countries have completed requirements and have been awarded Cutt-Slam certificates.

“That number is significant not only because of the effort fisheries personnel have put into improving cutthroat populations, but also significant for generating angler interest in Wyoming’s only native trout and the habitats they haunt,” said assistant fisheries chief Mark Fowden. 

The Cutt-Slam was the brainchild of late Pinedale area fisheries supervisor Ron Remmick who wanted to draw attention to Wyoming’s cutthroat management program and the special needs and efforts being put in on behalf of Wyoming’s cutthroat trout.

Anglers are recognized for catching Wyoming’s four subspecies of cutthroat trout in their native waters in Wyoming.  The four subspecies are the Yellowstone, Snake River, Bonneville and Colorado River cutthroat trout.  Successful anglers receive a certificate listing the name of the angler, color artwork of the four species and notation on the date and location of each catch. 

Started in 1996, the program continues to grow in popularity each year.  In its first year, five anglers completed requirements followed by six more certificates issued in 1997.  To say it has caught on is an understatement, as is evidenced with 100 certificates issued to cuttslammers in 2007.  To date, the Cutt-Slam program has been featured in national fly fishing magazines and several outdoor television programs.

In recognition of the milestone, the 500th angler to complete the program will receive Cutt-Slam apparel, patches and fisheries related items from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Alternative Enterprises program. 

To participate in the Cutt-Slam, anglers simply need to catch each fish in its native range in Wyoming and provide a photograph of the fish along with the date of catch and water where it was caught.  There is no time limit for completing the requirements.  Some anglers have spread out their catches over five years while others have completed their “slam” in a few days.  There is also no minimum size requirement. Over the years, qualifying photos featuring fish from six to 20 plus inches have been submitted.  Releasing fish after photographing is encouraged and may be required depending on the regulation that is in effect on various cutthroat waters.  Anglers are encouraged to check the fishing regulations booklet for limitations on the various waters.

Persons interested in planning their Cutt-Slam trip can contact Game and Fish regional offices and Game and Fish headquarters in Cheyenne for information on drainages and different waters in the state where these fish are available.  Cutt-Slam applications and listings of different cutthroat waters are also available on the Game and Fish Web site.