Big Game Raffles, Auctions Gross Nearly $560,000

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SALEM, Ore, — The 2008 auctions and raffles for big game hunting tags grossed $559,776, of which $335,992 will go to the Access and Habitat program and $189,384 to big game research and management.

The auction of 11 big game auctions grossed $344,000, including $87,500 for a bighorn sheep tag and $10,000 for a pronghorn antelope tag. A total of 67,427 raffle tickets were sold grossing $215,776, including $68,353 in bighorn sheep tag raffle sales. Raffle winners were drawn at the May 17 Oregon Hunters Association convention in Lincoln City.

The sportsman/conservation groups that sponsored the auctions at various meetings and conventions of their organizations in the past few months keep 10 percent of the auction proceeds. Those groups include the Safari Club International, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, Oregon Bow Hunters Association, Oregon Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, National Wild Sheep Foundation, and Oregon Hunters Association.

Of the combined auction and raffle monies raised for ODFW, $335,992 will go to the Access and Habitat program to fund wildlife habitat and hunter access improvement projects in the state. Proceeds from the pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep and Rocky Mountain goat raffles and auctions fund the research and management of those species in Oregon, or $24,415 for pronghorn antelope, $147,103 for bighorn sheep and $17,866 for Rocky Mountain goat.

Winners of the special tags enjoy an extended season and expanded hunt area. A list of the auction proceeds and raffle winners follows.

2008 auction sales, 10 percent of which goes to sponsoring organization

Statewide Deer – $32,000 (Safari Club International – Santiam River Chapter, Feb. 2) 

Statewide Elk – $30,000 (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation – Curry Coastal Chapter, Feb. 2) 

Bighorn Sheep – $87,500 (National Wild Sheep Foundation, Feb. 6-9) 

Statewide Combination Deer and Elk (two tags) – $40,000 (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation – National, Feb. 22) 

Statewide Elk – $15,500 (Oregon Hunters Association – Emerald Valley Chapter, March 1)  

Statewide Deer – $34,000 (National Wild Turkey Federation – Rogue Gobblers, March 15)  

Statewide Deer – $24,000 (Oregon Bow Hunters Association, March 29) 

Statewide Elk – $26,000 (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation – Cascade Chapter, April 5) 

Pronghorn Antelope – $10,000 (Oregon Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, April 19) 

Statewide Elk – $23,000 (Oregon Hunters Association – Tillamook Chapter, May 3) 

Statewide Deer – $22,000 (Oregon Hunters Association – State Chapter, May 17)

2008 raffle sales

Statewide combination deer and elk raffle: $41,931

Deer raffle: $29,531.50

Elk raffle: $42,679.50

Rocky Mountain goat raffle: $17,866

Pronghorn antelope raffle: $15,415

Bighorn sheep raffle: $68,353

2008 raffle winners

Statewide Combination Deer and Elk – Alfredo Julian, Vancouver, Wash.

Statewide Deer – Jamie Jackson, Klamath Falls

Southeast Oregon Deer – Larry Manning, Sublimity

Central Oregon Deer – Kenneth Kruse, Fort Rock

Northeast Oregon Deer – David Hale, Cloverdale

Statewide Elk – Reed Ringer, Gold Beach

Northeast Oregon Elk – Patrick Henderson, Beaver Creek

Central/Southeast Oregon Elk – Robert Whitson, Bend

Western Oregon Elk – Joe Rutledge, Gaston

Rocky Mountain Goat – Gerald Warnock, Portland

Pronghorn – Samuel Inkley, Central Point

Bighorn Sheep – Winner: Alfredo Julian, Vancouver, Wash