Vermont Makes it Easy to Take a Kid Hunting and Fishing

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WATERBURY, VT – The future of hunting and fishing in Vermont is directly related to getting kids into the field. Vermont has made it easy to do just that with a combination of youth licenses that are valid for the entire calendar year, special youth hunting weekends and Free Fishing Day.

A young angler does not need a Vermont fishing license until they are 15 years old. Then, from 15 to 17 years of age the young angler qualifies for a youth fishing license — $8.00 residents, $15 nonresidents.

All young hunters do need a hunting license, but Vermont has a youth hunting license for anyone under 18 years old — $8 residents, $25 nonresidents.

For young people who will be hunting and fishing during the year, Vermont offers an even better deal with a youth combination license that costs $12 for residents and $30 for nonresidents.

Vermont s special youth weekend hunts are designed to encourage adults to teach young people how to hunt safely, ethically and skillfully to enjoy the experience whether or not they actually take game. Youth Turkey Hunting Weekend is held the Saturday and Sunday prior to opening day of the spring turkey hunting season. A Youth Waterfowl Hunting Weekend is held in September for resident and nonresident hunters under 16. Dates for this year will be set by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and announced in August. Youth Deer Hunting Weekend is held the Saturday and Sunday prior to opening weekend of the regular November deer hunting season.

State legislative statute limits the deer and turkey hunting weekends to anyone under 16 who has at one parent or guardian who is a resident of Vermont and who has successfully completed hunter education course.

June 14 is Vermont’s Free Fishing Day — the one day in the year when residents and nonresidents may go fishing without having to purchase a fishing license. It’s a great opportunity to take the family fishing and create memories to last a lifetime.

Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department personnel and volunteer instructors who teach hunter and trapper education courses and  Let s Go Fishing  clinics are dedicating many hours to teaching young people about hunting and fishing traditions. If you would like to find out more about upcoming hunter education courses and other youth events, check the Fish & Wildlife website ( Click on  Youth Pages  for details.

Licenses also are available on the Vermont Fish & Wildlife website.

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