Upper Green River Float Map Available

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CHEYENNE– Boaters and anglers now have another tool designed to make planning outdoor adventures a bit easier with the production of a float map of the upper Green River.

Covering a 146-mile stretch of the Green River from Upper Green River Lakes to Fontenelle Reservoir, the distance is broken into seven sections containing 12 launching or loading access points.  It begins at Upper Green River Lakes accessed by the Green River Lakes Road. For the next 24 miles, the river flows through the Bridger Teton National Forest.  Upon leaving the forest, the river goes through a mixture of public and private lands until reaching Fontenelle Reservoir.

The map is color-coded, showing Bureau of Land Management, National Forest and private lands.   Wyoming law allows floaters to float through private lands, but the riverbanks and stream bottom are private.  As such, when floating through private lands, boaters cannot anchor or beach a boat without permission of the landowner.

Information is also provided on fisheries in the various sections and river conditions and potential hazardous water and floatability during high and low water periods.

Available free of charge, the map is dedicated to the late Pinedale area fisheries supervisor Ron Remmick, who was instrumental developing the Upper Green River Float Map.  The map will be available June 2 at the Pinedale and Jackson regional Game and Fish offices.