DFG Seeks Public Input On Proposed Longfin Smelt Regulation

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The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) seeks public input regarding a draft longfin smelt take regulation.

The longfin smelt is currently being considered by the California Fish and Game Commission as a threatened or endangered species. During this candidacy period, DFG has prepared a draft regulation (Fish and Game Code Section 2084) authorizing take of longfin smelt. DFG intends the regulation to remain in effect until the commission makes its final decision in February 2009 and the department will consider all comments gathered during this public comment period when developing its final draft regulation. The final draft will then be submitted to the commission for consideration at its Aug. 7, 2008 meeting.

To aid in this effort, DFG will hold a workshop for interested stakeholders to provide input on the proposed regulation May 30 from 10 a.m. to noon in the CALFED Bay Delta Room, 650 Capitol Mall, in Sacramento.

All individuals that wish to provide input regarding this proposed regulation will have until June 7, 2008 to submit written comments to DFG. All comments should be sent to Marty Gingras, California Department of Fish and Game, 4001 North Wilson Way, Stockton, CA or mgingras [at] dfg [dot] ca [dot] gov.