Mackinac Island State Harbor and Cheboygan Lock are Open

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The Department of Natural Resources announced today that Mackinac Island State Harbor and the Cheboygan Lock are now open.

The Mackinac Island State Harbor had been closed since last fall for major renovations. Repairs to the facility included electrical and water upgrades; replacement of the boat slip decking and supports as well as new landscaping and building upgrades. Reservations for the harbor can be made by calling 1-800-447-2757 or logging on to the Web site at

The Cheboygan Lock and Dam have been undergoing major reconstruction since last fall and the opening of the lock had been delayed due to a problem discovered with the upstream gate hinges. The hinges have been repaired and the lock is now operational and open for the normal season schedule. The construction that continues on the Cheboygan Dam will not hinder the use of the lock.

The Mackinac Island State Harbor project renovations cost $5.6 million and were funded by the Michigan State Waterways Fund, a restricted fund comprised of marine fuel taxes and boater registration fees. The improvements to the Cheboygan Lock were funded with Waterway Fund monies and cost approximately $32,000.

A formal dedication of the Mackinac Island State Harbor will be held on at 5 p.m. Thursday, June 19. For more information about the harbor or the lock, please call Thomas Paquin, manager of the DNR Cheboygan Field Office at 231-627-9578.