DNR Reminds Anglers of Closed Fishing Status on Upper Black River Until June 15

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The Department of Natural Resources reminds anglers that the Upper Black River in Cheboygan County will remain closed to fishing until June 15. In the past, the closure order had been in effect until June 1, but DNR fisheries biologists felt the order should be extended in 2008 until June 15 to protect spawning sturgeon that are still in the river into the early part of June.

The closure order is in effect for the portion of the river from the Kleeber Dam downstream to Red Bridge.

“With this year’s late spring and cold water temperatures, sturgeon are spawning in the river well past June 1,” said Sgt. Greg Drogowski, a DNR conservation officer who works with the Sturgeon Patrol, a community volunteer effort to monitor the river for sturgeon poaching. “Many anglers start fishing this river for walleye, bass and pike in early June, and at times have inadvertently snagged a sturgeon. Extending this closure order will protect the sturgeon and will ensure that anglers enjoy fishing for other species without the concern of hooking a sturgeon.”

For more information on the fisheries order, contact the DNR’s Fisheries Division or Law Enforcement Division at the Gaylord Operations Service Center at (989) 732-3541.