Govenor Rendell Says First Phase of Improvements to Point State Park Are Complete

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23 Acres of Park Now Open to Public

HARRISBURG (May 30, 2008) — Governor Edward G. Rendell today said the public will now be able to enjoy the improvements at Point State Park, including the City Side Lawn area, now that the first phase of the multi-million dollar effort has been completed.

The Governor said the initial phase of the improvement plan took a year to complete at a cost of $7.1 million.

“Point State Park is a tremendous part of the city’s efforts to use its green spaces and its connection to its rivers as a tool in its renaissance,” Governor Rendell said. “With these and additional improvements to come, the park, once at the center of river travel, trade and even wars throughout the early history of Pittsburgh, is now a stunning waterfront gathering spot that will add to the daily lives of countless people who live and work in the city, as well as those who visit this unique, historic place.”

Improvements to the park are being completed in several phases. New features at the park after the first phase of improvements include:

  • A new lawn area on the city side of the park for daily recreational uses and performances;
  • Landscaping, benches, pathways and lighting;
  • New irrigation, drainage and electrical systems;
  • Electric and water hookups for vendors at events;
  • A new stage pad; and
  • Renovations to the reflecting pool mechanical systems.

“The facelift at Point State Park is a symbol of the transformation of the Pittsburgh region, and a gift from the commonwealth as residents reflect on the past, celebrate the city’s 250th anniversary, and imagine what the future can be,” the Governor said.

The work on the first phase of the project was begun in the fall of 2006; funding came from the state’s capital budget.

“Supported by a combination of state investments and business and private donations, additional phases of work to be done at Point State Park will be upgrades to the Monongahela and Allegheny promenades along the wharfs to include water landings and marine tie ups; installations that interpret the history, indigenous cultures and natural resources of the park; trail connections; and a major overhaul of the city’s iconic fountain in the park,” said DCNR Secretary Michael DiBerardinis.

Twenty three acres of the park are now open. Currently underway on the water side of the park, in the area known as the Woodlands, is the planting of 7,000 native trees and shrubs that is consistent with the original 1950s design for the park.

An additional $25 million in state capital budget funds will be allocated for work at the park, which will be added to private and foundation support for the work.

Major partners in the planned improvements to Point State Park include the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pittsburgh 250 Commission and Riverlife, and the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

Point State Park is owned by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and is managed and maintained by the City of Pittsburgh. An estimated 3 million people visit Point State Park each year.

For more information on Point State Park, visit and choose “Find a Park.”