Discover Minnesota’s watchable wildlife and beat the rise in gas prices with ‘one tank wildlife trips’

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EagleWith rising gas prices, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has a summer vacation idea that could save people money. It’s an opportunity to take one-tank trips to discover Minnesota’s watchable wildlife.

“Wildlife can provide exciting experiences that are fun to share with your family and friends,” said Carrol Henderson, DNR Nongame Wildlife Program supervisor.
“Minnesota lies at the crossroads of five major landscapes: prairie grasslands, deciduous woods, coniferous forest, aspen parkland, and the driftless area of southeastern Minnesota. Each provides distinctive habitats for plants and animals and offers unique opportunities for seeing wildlife.”

Henderson said there are countless opportunities throughout the state for people to view wildlife.

“Head for a nearby lake where you may hear the haunting call of the loon at sunset or watch bald eagles and ospreys,” he said. “A quiet walk along a lakeshore might reveal a family of otters, great blue heron, or a kingfisher along the water’s edge, as well as ducks, beavers and muskrats. People should also look for shorebirds on shallow wetlands and mudflats or checkout hayfields and grasslands adjacent to marshlands for families of sandhill cranes.”

A DNR publication called “Traveler’s Guide to Wildlife in Minnesota,” offers more tips, maps and information on areas to encounter some of Minnesota’s most sought after wildlife such as peregrine falcons, moose, bears, and bald eagles. The collective knowledge of the state’s top wildlife biologists featured in the book help people see and enjoy the best of Minnesota’s rich wildlife heritage.

The book is available at or at all major booksellers. It is also available by calling 1-800-657-3757.

The book was made possible by donations to the DNR’s Nongame Wildlife checkoff