Angler Cheat Sheets Now Available

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Nevada Lake Cheat Sheets Now AvailableThe Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) calls them the 2008 Angler Information Guides, but you can just call them your cheat sheets for the best fishing in Nevada.

Each year NDOW puts together individual fact sheets for 79 of the state’s top waters that include stocking information, biologist forecasts for the year, fishing and boating regulations specific to each water, a brief history and a map of the area. These guides can be found on the department website at or at NDOW offices statewide.

NDOW Fisheries biologist Mark Warren reports that the angler information guides were a one-time deal that simply grew into a yearly program.

“About seven years ago I had a request to put together a little something for one of our clinics on three or four local waters near Reno and it got me thinking that we should have some kind of fact sheet for the most popular waters in the state that would include all the most pertinent information an angler might need when deciding where to fish,” said Warren. “They give the public an idea of what to expect from each of the waters with some fishing tips on what bait or flies might work best.”

Warren states that one of the most helpful aspects of the sheets is a forecast written by NDOW fisheries biologists. “I think it’s very useful to include the forecast from the actual biologist who manages these waters. Obviously the best fishing information you are going to get is from the angler who just got back from whatever water you are interested in visiting,” said Warren, “but that option is not always available, and the next best thing is an educated forecast from the biologist who handles that lake or river.”

He adds that with the high price of gas, it only makes sense to do a little research that will increase your chances of success. “That’s where the angler information guides come in to play,” states Warren.

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