Situk River King Salmon Sport Fishery to Start With Non Retention For Large Kings in 2008

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Situk RiverThe Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced today that any king salmon landed in the Situk River that is 20 inches or greater in length must be immediately released beginning at 12:01a.m., Monday, June 9. The bag limit for king salmon less than 20 inches in length is 10 fish. These regulations will remain in effect until the 2008 large king salmon run strength is determined with more certainty.

The forecast of large king salmon returning to the Situk river in 2008 is 717 large fish (large fish are 3 ocean age and older). The escapement goal range is 450 to 1,050 large king salmon. Based upon this preseason forecast, fishery managers project the actual escapement to be greater than 450 large fish but less than 730 large king salmon. At this escapement projection, the Situk-Ahrnklin Inlet and Lost River King Salmon Fisheries Management Plan directs the department to restrict the sport harvest of king salmon in the Situk River by implementing non retention for large king salmon.

For further information, anglers should call the Division of Sport Fish, at (907) 747-5551.