Walk-In Fishing Areas Provide Additional Access

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CHEYENNE–Additional fishing access is available to Wyoming anglers thanks to the walk-in fishing areas established by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.  Walk-in fishing areas are part of the same public access program that provides private land access through walk-in hunting areas.

Game and Fish statewide access coordinator Matt Buhler said fishing areas now available include 276 acres of lake access and 96 miles of stream access on private lands.  ” But, those figures don’t tell the whole story,” Buhler said.  “Many of these areas allow hunters to get through private lands to get to public lands where much more access is available.”

As with any participation in outdoor activities, the Game and Fish stresses the importance of outdoor ethics and common courtesy when using these lands.  “Walk in areas are private lands,” Buhler said. “It is of utmost importance that anglers pack out their trash, and obey the rules in order that these areas remain enrolled in the program for future years.” 

Walk-in area rules are found on page 2 of the Walk-in Fishing Atlas.  The atlases not only list walk-in  areas, but also maps showing public and private lands around each area and the species of  game fish in each water. They can be obtained at Game and Fish regional offices and license agents, or click here for the Online Walk-in Fishing Atlas. Fishing atlases are valid for the calendar year.

Walk-in hunting and fishing areas are funded to a large extent through voluntary contributions to the  AccessYes program.  Most donations are made at the time of license purchase.  To participate, anglers and hunters can indicate to the license agent their wish to contribute when licenses are purchased.


Walk-In Fishing Access Road Signs