Buy Deer and Elk Permits

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Permits remaining after the recent drawing go on sale June 12

In late summer, bucks haven't yet lost the velvet off their antlers. If you don’t have a permit to hunt buck deer in Utah this fall, your next chance to get one begins June 12. That’s when permits not taken in this year’s big game draw go on sale.

Most of Utah’s buck deer permits were taken in the draw, but more than 9,300 Northern Region rifle and muzzleloader, and 6,600 statewide general archery permits, are still available.

Bull elk permits to hunt during Utah’s general season also go on sale June 12.

You can buy a permit starting at 8 a.m. on this Web site and from DWR offices and more than 350 hunting license agents across Utah.

When should you buy a permit?

While you shouldn’t wait for weeks to buy your permit, you probably don’t need to buy one the moment they go on sale either.

“The morning of June 12 will probably be a busy morning on our Web site,” says Judi Tutorow, wildlife licensing coordinator for the DWR. “Once the site reaches the maximum number of people it can serve, a message will pop up indicating the site has reached its full capacity.

“If that happens to you, try buying your permit later in the morning or in the afternoon. You can probably even buy it later that week.”

When did permits sell out in 2007?

Buck deer permits to hunt during Utah’s general archery hunt were the first permits to sell out last year. They sold out on July 23, a month before the 2007 archery season began.

Northern Region rifle and muzzleloader permits were the next to go. They sold out on Aug. 21. That was one month before the start of the muzzleloader hunt and two months before the start of the rifle hunt.

General bull elk permits sold out on Oct. 3. The general bull elk hunt started Oct. 6.

For more information, call the nearest Division of Wildlife Resources office or the DWR’s Salt Lake City office at (801) 538-4700.