New Jersey Marine Licenses and Permits

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NOTE: On June 17, 2008, changes to the shellfish statutes (Title 50) go into effect. Current clam licenses will be expanded to include all molluscan (shellfish) species, with the exception of conchs, which are addressed in the commercial marine fisheries regulations. In addition, a new non-resident Commercial Shellfish License was established. The new statute means that anyone who wishes to harvest hard clams, soft clams, surf clams, oysters, bay scallops or mussels (or other molluscan shellfish excluding conchs) will need to obtain a Shellfish License.

Since these changes are being implemented in the middle of the calendar year, those who have already purchased a Clamming License will not need to purchase a new Shellfish License. Their existing 2008 Clamming License will have all the rights associated with the new Shellfish License.

In addition, the new Shellfish Licenses will be available via the Internet license site.

New Jersey does not require a general saltwater fishing license for recreational surf casting, deep sea or bay fishing. However, there is a variety of required licenses and permits for crabbing, clamming and commercial saltwater fishing issued by the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Bureau of Marine Fisheries.

Licenses and permits are available at the Nacote Creek Office in Port Republic (Atlantic County) and through the mail (linked below) and on the division’s Internet license site,

Tuna permits are issued by the National Marine Fisheries Service – see for details.

A NJ Child Support Certification Form must be included with every application and is part of the application documents linked below. For information on the Child Support Certification requirement please visit the Child Support Certification Information page.

For information on license/permit requirements please see the Marine Issue of the Fish and Wildlife Digest and/or the NJ Commercial Marine Regulations, both available linked from the Regulations page. For copies of letter regarding Commercial Quotas and Trip Limits see

Below are the various marine licenses issued by the division:

Non-commercial Crab Pot License $2.00
Resident Recreational Shellfish License $10.00
Resident Senior (62 and older) Recreational Shellfish License $2.00
Juvenile (under 14 years of age) Recreational Shellfish License (Resident/Non-Resident) $2.00
Non-Resident Recreational Shellfish License $20.00
Commercial Shellfish License $50.00
Non-Resident Commercial Shellfish License $250.00
Fillet Permit for Party Boats $2.00
To Use Fish Nets, Pounds and Pots in Marine & Estuarine Waters within Three Miles of Shore Fee Varies

Applications for some of the above licenses are available in PDF format on the Forms Page.

For information on the above licenses or permits please contact:

NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife
Nacote Creek Research Station
P.O. Box 418
Port Republic, NJ 08241
Marine Fisheries – 609-748-2020
Shellfisheries – 609-748-2040
Enforcement – 609-748-2050