Thank You For Your Patience!

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Because of the enormity in size, and the advanced programming going on within our website, all of which in design is to make your experience on Outdoor Central as simple, pleasant, and informative as possible, we have been forced to move our domain to a dedicated server.  Using a shared server with other domains (who may or may not of been resource hogs), was in the end, causing you, our dedicated viewer, to experience load time issues, performance glitches, etc.

In an effort to make Outdoor Central your “One-stop” Outdoor News Network, we have made this change willingly, and are aware of the temporary issues that always go along with server changes.  We are working hard to bring the site back up to speed, and regret any inconveniences you may experience in navigating the Outdoor Central website, but are confident in knowing that in the long run this change will make the performance of our site as top notch and dependable as any site on the web.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we move forward.

~The ODC Staff~      

PS – Please feel free to forward any glitches you may be experiencing to Webmaster [at] outdoorcentral [dot] com.  You can rest assured that we will address these and all issues as quickly as possible

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