June 13, 2008 Montana Fishing Roundup

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June 13, 2008   Montana Fishing Roundup This is a brief synopsis of fishing conditions and reports from select waters across the state.   For more detailed information, contact a fly shop, bait store, or boat marina for the particular water.   For detailed information on river flows, visit:   http://waterdata.usgs.gov/mt/nwis/current?type=flow

With more rain and yes, even snow over the past week—rivers and streams in Montana are not much closer to being in prime fishing shape than they were a week ago.   Lakes and reservoirs are still the preferred option for now, but if your desire is to catch a trout in moving water, your options are limited to a limited number of tailwater fisheries, or a very few smaller streams which are clear enough to fish.   If you fish one of these locations, don’t expect solitude right now, and good fishing etiquette is important to making the fishing experience a good one for all.   Some basic rules to keep in mind include:  

Do your best not to crowd other anglers, but also, don’t go to one of these tailwaters or smaller streams if you cannot stand to fish near other anglers.  

After fishing in a good hole for a while, step aside and let another angler have a chance at the spot.  

Realize that both wading anglers and boating anglers will be present, and do your best to make it easier for the other.

Finally, just a simple acknowledgement of another angler nearby can go a long ways towards easing tensions.   Fishing is about having fun, so ease up, relax a little bit, and just be glad that you get to be out on the water instead of home mowing the lawn.

Enough preaching—now go fishing.

Some of the best fishing bets right now:

Bighorn River – If you have a high tolerance for crowds, the river is a good bet.   Increased flows have made wading tricky, so use caution.

Canyon Ferry – Anglers are eagerly awaiting the development of the walleye bite, but fishing for rainbows from both shore and boats remains very good.

Dailey Lake – South of Livingston, Daily lake is a local favorite for both trout and perch.

Fort Peck Lake – Warmer, stable weather on tap for the upcoming week should improve the fishing even more.  

Hauser Lake – A very good option for trout right now, with some walleyes and perch also being caught in the causeway arm near Lake Helena.

Lake Frances – Water levels are coming up, and the walleye bite is improving also.

Missouri River – Flows are high on the upper river, but if you have access to a boat or raft and are a competent rower, the fish are starting to cooperate.

Noxon Rapids Reservoir – If catching a bass sounds appealing, this could be the place for you.   Be aware of special regulations during the spring spawning period.

Pishkun Reservoir – Some nice trout along with northern pike are on the menu at this reservoir along with the beauty of the Rocky Mountain Front.

Tongue River Reservoir – Still producing lots of nice crappies.