Fishing for Osprey Event to Occur at Whiterock Conservancy

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Fishing for Osprey Event to Occur at Whiterock Conservancy Fishing for Osprey Event to Occur at Whiterock Conservancy A Fishing for Osprey event will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., on June 20, at the Whiterock Conservancy. Kay Neumann of Saving Our Avian Resources (SOAR) will present a live bird show at 11:30 a.m. and fishing will ensue after the program.

The goal of the program is to catch as many fish as possible, primarily bluegill and crappie, in the allotted time. The fish will then be donated to the SOAR program, as well as the Iowa DNR’s osprey release efforts.

SOAR, established in 1999, is a non-profit organization based upon raptor rehabilitation, education, and conservation. In 2006, ospreys were successfully introduced into Whiterock Conservancy, with all of the birds flying away in October. Osprey will fly to Central and South America for the winter, but the young will not return until they are two years old. They generally breed at 3 to 4 years of age. So, it is possible they may be returning this year in 2008. It is important that these birds have the food and resources they need and fish donated will greatly help the program.

Along with SOAR, the Iowa DNR has assisted with many successful osprey releases across the state of Iowa. Osprey restoration and re-introduction began in 1997, and they have slowly started to nest here for the first time since European settlement. The Iowa DNR has partnered with County Conservation Boards, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and other conservation groups in this effort. The Iowa DNR assists these conservation partners with technical assistance, encouragement, and fish to successfully release osprey in Iowa.

So bring the kids to Whiterock Conservancy for an exciting educational experience and a fun afternoon of fishing. Fishing poles for kids will be provided, along with bait. The only materials needed are you, sunscreen, and possibly a lunch.

For more information, please contact AMERICORPS members Nicki Nagl or Ann Cannon at (515) 432-2823.