Cheyenne Field Archers And Bowhunters of Wyoming Donate Again to Access

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Bowhunters of Wyoming - Click Image To Visit WebsiteCHEYENNE – While hunting on a walk-in or hunter management area this fall, tip your hat to the Cheyenne Field Archers and Bowhunters of Wyoming.

For the third consecutive year, the organizations made generous donations to the Access Yes program to fund hunting access.

As they did in 2006 and 2007, this April the field archers again sponsored a two-day competitive 3-D shoot to specifically benefit the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s hunting access programs. This year the shoot raised $1,250 to enroll walk-in and hunter management areas, plus the Bowhunters of Wyoming donated an additional $2,000 to the programs.

“The money donated truly proves archers are trying to pull their share to provide more opportunity for sportsmen statewide,” said Neal Perkins, field archer’s member and southeast Wyoming representative to Bowhunters of Wyoming.

On May 20, field archer president Dan Conrad, secretary Joel Meena and Perkins presented the Game and Fish with the two checks totaling $3,250.

Matt Buhler, the Game and Fish’s statewide access coordinator, commends both groups’ efforts. “The success of Wyoming’s access program is a joint effort between landowners, hunters, anglers and the Game and Fish,” he said. “The continual financial support of groups like the field archers and BOW is key to that, as are individuals contributing to the program when they apply for or buy hunting and fishing license.”

Perkins invites other sportsman’s groups across the state to sponsor similar competitions for the benefit of hunting and fishing access. “When we all give a little …we all gain a lot,” he said.

Over the past 20 years, Bowhunters of Wyoming has donated more than $109,000 to projects and programs in Wyoming to improve wildlife habitat and promote bow hunting.

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