Summer Is A Good Time To Take A Hunter Safety Course

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Hunter Safety is MOST IMPORTANT Part of HuntingCHEYENNE-During the summer months the completion of a hunter safety course is often the last thing on the mind of many young or first time hunters. But, according to hunter education coordinator Jim Dawson, the summer is one of the best times to complete Wyoming’s hunter safety requirement.

Even though the chill of spring has just left and the warmest days of summer are yet to come, it won’t be long before fall arrives, and with that arrival, Wyoming hunting seasons. But for those in need of hunter safety class, fall is not the time to start thinking about fulfilling this requirement.

Wyoming law requires hunter safety of those born after 1965. When it was first enacted, it only affected youth, but now affects hunters in their early 40s.

Dawson said that Wyoming hunter safety instructors are volunteers and most are hunters. “If you wait until fall and then try to find a class, it can be quite difficult,” Dawson said. “It is a lot easier to find a class now.” Classes are being held in various towns throughout the state all summer long.

Dawson said another option is to take the hunter safety class online. “This saves hunters the time of having to fit their schedule into class schedules,” Dawson said. “Once the online course is completed, an internet field day is required. This includes a written test on materials covered in the Internet course and instruction in safe firearms handling.”

Information on upcoming hunter safety courses or the online course can be obtained on the Game and Fish Web site or by calling (307) 777-4538.

(contact: Margaret James (307) 777-4538)