White-tailed Deer in New Jersey

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The "Take a Kid Hunting" program provides unique opportunities.New Jersey’s deer herd is a major component of the landscape throughout all but the most urbanized areas of the state. Deer affect our forests, farms, gardens, backyards and roadways. From a population reduced to a handful of deer in the early 1900s they rebounded during the 20th century to a thriving herd today.

A healthy deer herd, managed at levels that are compatible with current land use practices and the human population, has great value to the people of the state. Deer are photographed, watched and hunted by many New Jerseyans and visitors from elsewhere. Deer hunters spend more than 100 million dollars each year as they enjoy approximately 1.5 million recreation-days hunting deer. Money spent in the course of deer hunting benefits a wide variety of New Jersey businesses.

2008-2009 Deer Regulation Sets (pdf, 17kb)
An Evaluation of Deer Management Options – Northeast Deer Technical Committee, April 2008 (pdf, 706kb)
Crossbow Survey Report (pdf, 112kb)