King Salmon Bag Limits Increased in Two Areas Near Sitka

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Hatchery King SalmonSitka – The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced today that bag and possession limits are being increased for all anglers (resident and nonresident) in the Hidden Falls and Silver Bay saltwater areas to harvest hatchery-produced king salmon.  Beginning 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, July 1, the daily bag and possession limit in these areas is two king salmon, any size. King salmon caught in these areas by nonresidents do not count toward the nonresident annual limit. These regulations will remain in effect through July 31, 2008.

Hatchery-produced king salmon are expected to return to Hidden Falls and Medvejie Hatcheries in numbers that exceed hatchery brood stock needs.  The Alaska Board of Fisheries authorized the department to increase bag limits and liberalize fishing methods in designated harvest areas to harvest surplus hatchery-produced king salmon.  Therefore, the department is increasing the bag limit to provide recreational anglers the opportunity to harvest these hatchery-produced fish.  The Hidden Falls area includes waters within two miles of the Baranof Island shoreline south of the range marker on South Point (south entrance to Kelp Bay) and north of a range marker located at 57o 06′ 5’” N latitude (south of Takatz Bay). The Silver Bay saltwater area near Sitka includes the marine waters of Silver Bay east of a line from Entry Point to Silver Point.  Anglers fishing in Silver Bay are reminded that all waters east of a line between the commercial fishery regulatory markers at the entrance to Bear Cove are closed to snagging.  Any fish hooked elsewhere than in the mouth within this area must be released immediately.

Anglers may not possess king salmon in excess of bag and possession limits for the area where they are fishing and regulations prohibit the possession of king salmon less than 28 inches (residents) and 48 inches (non-residents after July 15) when fishing outside of designated terminal harvest areas.  Therefore, anglers possessing king salmon in excess of regional bag and possession limits and/or less than the minimum size harvested in the terminal area, may not fish in areas outside of the Silver Bay and Hidden Falls terminal harvest areas with these king salmon in their possession. 

Anyone needing further information concerning this announcement contact the Division of Sport Fish in Sitka at (907) 747-5355 or visit:

For additional information contact Troy Tydingco, Assistant Sitka Area Management Biologist, (907) 747-5355.