Apply For Managed Deer Hunts In Missouri By Aug. 15

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Be sure to use the same Conservation ID Number each year to get full benefit from the new preference-point system.

Managed Deer Hunts In MissouriJEFFERSON CITY-Hunters have until Aug. 15 to apply for deer hunts at state parks, national wildlife refuges, military reservations and nature preserves. Those who applied for a hunt last year and were not drawn will receive preference when they apply this year if they use the same Conservation ID Number.

The Missouri Department of Conservation holds a drawing each summer to determine who gets to take part in managed deer hunts that take place from October through January. The application period opens July 1 each year.

To complete the application process, you need your Conservation ID Number. You can find this on previous permits or on the back of your Conservation Heritage Card by the bar code. If you don’t have a Conservation ID Number, call 573-751-4115, and one will be assigned to you. You also need the two- or three-digit code for your chosen hunt. Hunt dates, locations and code numbers are listed in the 2008 Fall Deer & Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information booklet, which is available wherever hunting permits are sold.

Applications can be submitted by toll-free phone call to 800-829-2956. The service is available from 4 a.m. until midnight seven days a week. Applicants must have touch-tone phones to enter their nine-digit conservation ID number.

You also can log onto Everything you need, other than your Conservation Heritage Card number, is there.

Successful applicants receive notices of their selection by mail. Hunters can check the status of their applications on the Conservation Department Web page beginning Sept. 11.

Only a Resident or Nonresident Managed Deer Hunting Permit is valid at a managed deer hunt. The number of deer that may be taken with a single permit depends on the hunt. In some, up to three deer may be taken, and in one hunt, four deer are allowed.

Last year the Conservation Department implemented a preference system to give unsuccessful applicants for managed deer hunts an advantage in future drawings. Those not drawn for a hunt last year will have one preference point if they apply again this year. A hunter’s preference points return to zero when he or she is drawn for a hunt.

Preference points are like extra pieces of paper in a hat. Hunters who apply for the first time or who were drawn for hunts the previous year have only one piece of paper with their name on it in the hat. Those who entered but were not drawn the previous year get an extra piece of paper in the hat for each unsuccessful year. A hunter not drawn four years in a row would receive five pieces of paper in the hat the fifth time he or she applied.

Hunters who have more than one Conservation ID Number will not receive the full benefit of the preference system unless they use the same number each year. If applying online, print your confirmation page and save it for future reference.

-Jim Low-