Application Period Nears For Leftover Elk, Deer, Antelope Licenses

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Pronghorn AntelopeCHEYENNE – Hunters who missed the earlier application periods for elk, deer and antelope licenses could still have an opportunity to hunt this fall by participating in the upcoming drawing for hunt areas and license types that were under subscribed in the initial draws.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department reports that more than 9,100 antelope, 4,000 deer and 4,300 elk licenses are available in the second draw. Access in areas with remaining licenses is a mixture of public and private lands. Some areas have large amounts of national forest while others are predominantly private. The majority of remaining antelope licenses are for hunt areas where public access is limited. Many of the deer licenses are also on private land areas, but several of the nonresident regions with leftover licenses have large amounts of public land access. Many of the elk licenses are for hunt areas within national forest lands and most of the remaining licenses are for antlerless elk only. However, remaining elk licenses also include a number of areas with archery only licenses and a handful of areas with licenses that allow the taking of either antlered or antlerless elk. Hunters are urged to research areas with leftover licenses, and where necessary, obtain access before applying.

The application period is July 10-21 with the drawing tentatively scheduled for Aug. 1. The second drawing is open to both residents and nonresidents. Applicants may apply online or through conventional mail.

Questions on hunt areas with available licenses, a listing of areas with licenses remaining and applications can be obtained by calling (307) 777-4600. A listing of hunt areas and applications is also available on the Game and Fish Web site .

Licenses remaining after the Aug. 1 drawing will be sold “as processed” through Game and Fish offices and automated license agents. (Contact: Al Langston, (307) 777-4540)