The Colorado DOW Seeks Public Opinion to Help Determine Future Regulations for Big Game Seasons

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Large bighorn sheep ram taken by Brent Carlson,of Gunnison, Sept. 1, 2000 in Taylor Canyon. 80 yard shot 30-06. 7/8 curl ram, 16 3/4 in. base, 10 1/2 years old, 34 in. long curls, and 27 in.s wide. It took Brent 8 yr.s to draw the license.The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is requesting public comment and feedback to help determine the 5-year Big Game Season Structure for deer, elk, pronghorn, bear and moose. 

Every five years, the Colorado Wildlife Commission adopts a Big Game Season Structure to provide an overall framework for annual hunting regulations.  The 5-year structure addresses issues including the timing and length of hunting seasons, legal hunting methods, the general proportion of licenses that will be limited or unlimited, and the balance among different kinds of hunting opportunities. 

The current structure ends in 2009, and this 5-year cycle will determine guidelines for the 2010-2014 seasons.

Many local economies and a variety of interest groups are directly affected by Colorado’s big game hunting seasons.  Therefore, the DOW encourages hunters, outfitters, landowners, restaurant and small business owners to participate in this process.  Every opinion is important and will help guide the Wildlife Commission during this important decision-making process.

General  information and participation opportunities will be made available through the following mediums:

DOW Website
The DOW’s website will provide the most up-to-date information regarding this process. Constituents are encouraged to visit the website often for the latest news and participation opportunities.

Public Forums
The DOW will be using a mix of existing meetings and special forums to provide the general public with the opportunity to meet with Wildlife Commissioners and DOW staff.  These meetings will be held at various locations throughout the state.   Meeting locations, agendas, and times will be posted on the DOW website.

Mailing List
Constituents may sign up to receive updates and information by e-mail or regular mail.  A sign-up link and instructions are located on the DOW website.

Suggestions and comments may be sent through the U.S. Mail by writing to:

Big Game Season Structure c/o Public Involvement Section 6060 Broadway Denver, CO 80216

The DOW encourages people to e-mail their comments and suggestions to the following address: wildlife [dot] bgss [at] state [dot] co [dot] us

All rules and regulations will be finalized in September 2009, when the Wildlife Commission will vote on all proposed measures.  The DOW stresses the importance of early involvement and encourages the public to become active in this rule-making process as soon as possible.

The Colorado Wildlife Commission is an 11-member board appointed by the governor. The Commission sets DOW regulations and policies for hunting, fishing, watchable wildlife and nongame and threatened and endangered species. The commission also oversees DOW land purchases and property regulations.