217,000 Walleyes Stocked in Vermont This Year

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217,000 Walleyes Stocked in Vermont This YearWATERBURY, VT – Vermont anglers will be glad to hear that the state’s walleye stocking program was highly successful this year.

 The cooperative walleye rearing and stocking program was successful in all respects,  said Thomas Wiggins, who heads up the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department’s fish culture program.  We are especially thankful for the help and support provided by members of the Lake Champlain Walleye Association who also reared fry to fingerling size in their ponds at St. Albans and Vergennes.

 The Lake Champlain Walleye Association had excellent results in rearing fry to 1 ½ to 2 inch fingerling size with 65,000 fingerlings being stocked from their ponds, added Wiggins.

Walleye eggs were collected this spring and hatched at the Bald Hill Fish Culture Station in Newark, and the Ed Weed Fish Culture Station in Grand Isle. After hatching, some are stocked as newly-hatched fry, while others are grown in the hatchery to advanced fry size for rearing by the Lake Champlain Walleye Association and state hatchery personnel to fingerling size.

This year, 62,000 fry were stocked in the lower Poultney River and 25,000 advanced fry were stocked in Chittenden Reservoir. A total of 130,000 fingerlings were stocked in southern Lake Champlain waters, and an additional 150 fingerlings were stocked in Island Pond.