Don’t Miss Out on Fall “Becoming an Outdoors-Woman” Workshop

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Don't Miss Out on Fall "Becoming an Outdoors-Woman" WorkshopCONCORD, N.H. — Are you a woman who would like to learn the skills you need to get started in hunting – the original outdoor challenge?  Or maybe you know a woman who might be interested in becoming a hunter.  The fall Becoming an Outdoors-Woman weekend workshop has selected openings available that offer a chance to learn a variety of hunting skills while participating in an exciting weekend outdoor skills workshop. 

The 2008 B.O.W. fall workshop is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 5-7, 2008, at scenic Rockywold/Deephaven Camps on Squam Lake in Holderness, N.H.  You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.  The workshop fee of $295 covers everything – two nights lodging in a lakeside cabin, buffet-style meals, instruction and equipment use.  There are no extra fees.  The enthusiasm of the women at this workshop is amazing.

A brochure and mail-in registration form are available to download at, call (603) 271-3212 or email aquatic-ed [at] wildlife [dot] nh [dot] gov to request an application by mail.  The final deadline for signing up is August 8, 2008.

If you sign up for the weekend, you will select four separate skills workshops in which to participate.  The BOW fall workhop includes dozens of topics.  Sessions that still have openings as of August 1, 2008, (from which you would choose four if you sign up now) include:

INTRODUCTION TO RIFLE: Participants learn gun handling, safety, how to shoot a rifle and how a rifle differs from other firearms. There will be live-firing opportunities; all firearms will be provided.

INTRODUCTION TO MUZZLELOADER: This type of firearm is sparking much interest in the hunting community. Learn the difference between flintlock and cap. Some attention will be given to the types of powder and projectiles. Participants will be loading, firing and cleaning the firearm. A light study of the traditions, seasons and challenges of muzzleloading firearms will also be included.

INTRODUCTION TO DEER HUNTING: Learn the feeding and mating habits of white-tailed deer, various hunting techniques and how to read sign. This session will also cover what types of firearms can be used, getting deer out of the woods and practical clothing.

INTRODUCTION TO BOWHUNTING: Bowhunting is the fastest growing hunting activity in New Hampshire. The challenge and experience of bowhunting is very exciting. Learn about reading sign and various techniques, i.e., tree stands or stalking. Hands-on activities will include following a mock blood-trail and use of scents. Learn about the ethics of bowhunting and the equipment you will need.

FIELD DRESSING BIG GAME: Proper care of game in the field is a very important part of hunting ethics. This is often a very difficult thing to learn on your own. This class will review the procedure for field dressing a white-tailed deer. Be prepared for a hands-on opportunity.

FURBEARERS FOREVER: Learn about New Hampshire’s furbearers — beaver, mink, coyote, fisher, fox, muskrat, otter and raccoons.  You will learn how to identify pelts, tracks and sign, as well as proper harvesting methods, including trapping, an often-misunderstood activity. Furbearers are a natural renewable resource and overpopulation can lead to a variety of problems, from property damage to negative impacts on human and furbearer health. Learn about trapping history and best management practices.

SHARING NATURE WITH CHILDREN: Getting kids into nature powers their imaginations, lowers stress, improves immunity, reduces attention deficit, and stimulates creativity. We’ll present and practice effective methods for connecting kids to the outdoors with practical suggestions for you, whether you’re a parent, grandparent, neighbor or teacher. Be prepared to “dig in the dirt,” collect, build and explore, and share your own ideas and experiences.

BEAUTIFUL BUGS:  Are you curious about insects? Are you an angler who wants to learn more about aquatic insects and other fish food? Are you curious about what your backyard birds eat all summer? In the company of a professional conservation biologist, you’ll have a chance to explore the streams, wetlands, lake and forest to capture and observe insects. Learn basic identification and the natural history of dragonflies, caddisflies, mayflies, hellgrammites, ground beetles, and many more.

The Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Program is co-sponsored by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department ( and the New Hampshire Wildlife Federation ( Find out more about B.O.W. at