Lake Thompson is Draining In Virginia

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Lake Thompson is Draining In VirginiaFauquier County, VA — The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) recently discovered the water level was dropping at Lake Thompson, a 10-acre lake on the VDGIF’s G. Richard Thompson Wildlife Management Area in Fauquier County, and immediately began an engineering assessment of possible causes. VDGIF, in consultation with contract dam safety engineers, determined that the bottom drain attached to the base of the principal spillway had failed somewhere along its course, near the lake bottom, upstream of the riser. Attempts to locate the source of the leak and to render an economical, quick fix have not been successful; and, unfortunately, it appears the lake will slowly drain.

Thompson Lake’s water level is dropping at a rate of approximately six inches per day and is expected to be nearly dry within the next few weeks. VDGIF will monitor the lake level and dam as the water continues to drop and will conduct additional assessments to evaluate potential long-term repairs.

Smallmouth bass have been and will continue to be removed from the lake and transported to the Department’s Front Royal Fish Hatchery to serve as brood stock.

Anglers are advised that fishing access to the lake is becoming difficult each day as the water level continues to fall and more mud is exposed. However, there are a few rocky areas that can provide access to the water’s edge. All visitors and anglers should use extreme caution under these changing conditions.