California DFG Offers Online Application for Bird Hunts

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The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) has created an easy, convenient way for people to apply for statewide participation in upland game bird hunts. Hunters can now apply electronically on the DFG Web site, or they can download, print and mail an application from

DFG Offers Online Application for Bird HuntsPreviously, drawings for DFG’s upland game bird hunts were conducted separately, in each individual region. This new statewide drawing is designed to reduce the overall time it takes to conduct the drawings by almost 80 percent, and makes it easier for the public to understand the process. It also brings the upland game bird hunts in line with all of DFG’s other hunt drawings, which are done on a statewide basis.

Providing the public with one drawing location and one application method makes it easier for people to see what is available and apply for the activity that interests them. Hunters have been asking for a standardized application process for several years.

Hunt applications can also be obtained at six of DFG’s Regional offices, in Redding, Rancho Cordova, Yountville, Fresno, San Diego and Ontario. Aug. 11 is the application deadline for this year’s 13 dove hunts. DFG also plans 11 Wild Bird Hunts and 38 Apprentice Hunts this year. All hunts are funded by the Upland Game Bird Stamp, which is required for hunting upland game in California.

Some of the regions had previously allowed an application process to let hunters apply for three hunts, by priority, similar to the deer tag drawings. This year a hunter can make three choices, but will not be able to list them by priority. DFG expects to make priority applications available in 2009. Additional information on the program, including many contact phone numbers around the state, is available in the summer California Hunting Digest, which is currently available at DFG offices and on the Web at