Cheyenne Archer Bags Near Record Black Bear

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Cheyenne Archer Bags Near Record Black BearCHEYENNE– Cheyenne archer Steve Perkins knew he was on to a big bear, but it took a year to find out exactly the size of the bear that eventually ended up scoring no. 2 in the record book for archery kills in Wyoming.

Perkins’ bear scored 20 6/16 inches on the Pope and Young scoring scale, putting it just behind a bear taken in Carbon County in 1985 that scored 20 12/16.  Pope and Young is an organization that maintains records for archery trophies taken in North America. Scoring on bears is determined by measuring the length and width of the skull in 1/16 increments and adding the two measurements together.  The world record archery black bear scored 23 3/16 and was taken in California in 1993.

Perkins bagged the bear on May 19 in the Laramie Peak area in hunt area 7 located west of Wheatland.  During the 2007 season he had noticed bite marks on his bait station and knew the marks came from a larger bear than any of the five he had previously taken.  As luck would have it, the season closed a few days later, before he was able to see the bear, much less get a shot.  He was back in the area this year and once again the large boar responded to his baits.  “I had up to six bears on my bait station this year,” Perkins said. “There was a sow with two cubs that kept fighting with the boar.  It appeared the boar was trying to get to the cubs, and the female would drive him away.”

The large boar eventually presented him with a shot at 23 yards.  Perkins said the bear weighed between 450-500 pounds.  He said the bear was the black color phase, which pleased him as his other bears had been the chocolate brown and blond color phase of black bear.

Perkins, who owns Sunlight Taxidermy in Cheyenne, has already mounted the bear and it is on display in his shop.

Black bears in Wyoming are managed on a female mortality quota basis for both spring and fall hunting seasons.  When the female quota in a given hunt area is reached, the season in that area is closed to hunting.