Idaho White Sturgeon Management Plan Available For Review

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Idaho White Sturgeon Management Plan Available For ReviewIdaho Fish and Game is seeking public comments on a draft management plan for the conservation of Snake River white sturgeon in Idaho.

White sturgeon are the largest freshwater game fish in North America, historically reaching lengths of more than 15 feet and weights of more than 1,000 pounds. They can live to be 100 years old. White sturgeon are highly sought after by anglers across their range in Idaho.

The draft Fish and Game management plan considers only white sturgeon found in the Snake River in Idaho – not the population in the Kootenai River of northern Idaho. Snake River white sturgeon have declined in abundance due to a variety of factors, including over harvest, dam construction, water management and water pollution.

The management plan describes actions that could increase the range and population abundance of white sturgeon in the Snake River. Fish and Game will work with other agencies and stakeholders to accomplish actions identified in the plan.

The Snake River white sturgeon management plan is available for public review and comment at

Fish and Game expects to conduct public open house meetings on the plan at Fish and Game regional offices in Jerome, Nampa and Lewiston. Comments will be accepted until September 5.

For information contact Scott Grunder, native species coordinator, at 208-287-2774.