Pullen Creek Upstream of Broodstock Weir Open to King Salmon Fishing

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Pullen Creek Upstream of Broodstock Weir Open to King Salmon FishingThe Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced today that effective 12:01 a.m. Saturday, August 2, 2008, Pullen Creek, upstream of Department of Fish and Game markers at Pullen Pond, in Skagway, is open to sport fishing for king salmon. In this area, the bag and possession limit for all anglers (Alaska residents and non-residents) is four king salmon of any size and the nonresident annual limit for king salmon does not apply. This regulation will remain in effect through 11:59 p.m. Sunday, September 14, 2008. This additional opportunity is being provided to allow harvest of hatchery-produced king salmon released at Pullen Creek where returning king salmon are exceeding broodstock needs.

The department reminds anglers that Pullen Creek downstream of the Department of Fish and Game markers is closed to king salmon fishing. All king salmon entering Pullen Creek are captured at the weir and fish needed for hatchery broodstock are held in net pens located in Pullen Creek. All fish in excess of broodstock needs are released upstream and are available for harvest in Pullen Pond and Pullen Creek upstream of the Department markers.

In past years tampering with the broodstock collection weir has resulted in the release of adult king salmon before enough eggs were collected. Further interference with broodstock collection will result in closing the entire Pullen Creek drainage to king salmon sport fishing and will jeopardize the success of this king salmon enhancement program and the local king salmon fishery.

Anglers sport fishing for king salmon are required to purchase a 2008 king salmon tag in addition to a 2008 sport fishing license. Exceptions to this requirement are listed on page 3 of the Southeast Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations Summary.

For additional information contact Richard Chapell, Haines/Skagway Assistant Area Biologist, (907) 766-3638.