Little Camas Reservoir Opens to Fish Salvage

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Little Camas Reservoir The Little Camas Reservoir in Elmore County will be dry or nearly dry by late summer, and fish in the reservoir will have a high likelihood of dying as water levels drop.

For these reasons, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game opened the reservoir to salvage of fish.

“We would rather have people harvest these fish than let them go to waste when the reservoir is dewatered,” said Doug Megargle, Magic Valley regional fisheries manager.

Daily bag, possession and size limits will be removed on Little Camas Reservoir, beginning August 20 and ending November 30.

Licensed anglers may take the fish by any method except firearms, explosives, chemicals or electric current.

After November 30, standard fishing methods, bag limits and possession limits will be re-instated.

For more information, call 208-324-4359.