New State Record Bluegill In Wyoming

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New State Record Bluegill In WyomingCHEYENNE – One of Wyoming’s long-standing fish records was broken last month with the catch of a new state record bluegill, besting a record that has stood for 20 years.

Wheatland angler Rod Horsley caught the record 1.92 lb. fish on a fly rod from a stock pond near Lusk using a crappie darter. Horsley’s catch was 11 inches long, and as is typical with large panfish, had a substantial girth of 12.5 inches. The previous record weighed 1.47 pounds and was caught from a stock pond in Platte County near Wheatland in 1988.

Horsley said he had been fishing several hours the evening of July 26 and had caught a few smaller bluegill before catching his larger fish. Suspecting he had something special, he kept the fish on ice until he could get it weighed and verified. He plans to have his record mounted.

To qualify for a state record, a fish must be weighed on a certified scale and verified by a fisheries biologist. A listing of Wyoming record fish along with fish record application forms can be found online at