Montana FWP Block Management Region Contacts

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Montana FWP Block Management Region Contacts Hunters interested in obtaining access to more than eight million acres of private lands enrolled in FWP’s Block Management Program may contact the regional FWP office in the area where they plan to hunt, or check the “Hunting” pages on the FWP web site at .

Gaining access to hunt on a Block Management Area is easy. Just follow these steps:

contact the FWP regional office where you plan to hunt

use the current year’s regional list of BMA cooperators to select an area where you’d like to hunt and choose the name or number of a BMA in that area

make arrangements to hunt by following the instructions provided by FWP regional staff or in the regional BMA tabloid or map.

Please keep in mind that landowners voluntarily enroll in the Block Management Program and they retain the right to deny access to their lands for cause. With the extreme weather Montana has been experiencing, it is possible that some BMAs will temporarily or partially closed due to severe drought and fire danger. Hunters can confirm the availability of BMA lands through the FWP regional office in the area where the BMA is located.

It is also the hunter’s responsibility to know the ranch rules and to be aware of fire danger and take appropriate safety measures. Hunters should also be prepared to, depending on the BMA, make advance reservations and obtain permission, sign permission slips only for actual hunting days, cancel reservations if unable to hunt on a day reserved, take measures to help prevent the spread of noxious weeds, and demonstrate courteous, legal and ethical hunting behavior.

To contact FWP regional offices for more information on regional hunting opportunities on BMAs call:  

Northwest— FWP Region 1 in Kalispell: 406-752-5501

West-central—FWP Region 2 in Missoula: 406-542-5530

South-central—FWP Region 3 in Bozeman: 406-994-3288

Central—FWP Region 4 in Great Falls: 406-454-5862

East-central—FWP Region 5 in Billings: 406-247-2974

Northeast—FWP Region 6 in Glasgow: 406-228-3700

Southeast—FWP Region 7 in Miles City: 406-234-0930