Outdoor Central.com News Network Is Now On MySpace.com

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Come Be My Friend!


Show me your trophies, both hunting and fishing.

Tell me your personal hunting and fishing stories.

Apply to be an Outdoor Central.com Editorialist. 
To apply, simply drop me an email through MySpace, or go to our “Contact Us” page, Then fill out the information requested.  Where it asks “Select A Contact Reason” just click on other, then fill out your qualifications in the “Enter Your Message” section of the form.

Be sure to include what you’d like to write about (hunting, fishing, or a recreational activities), and if it is a story, a technique, or whatever.

Also let us know if you are a fishing guide, an outfitter, an instructor, an educator, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are an equal opportunity publisher, welcoming women to write about B.O.W., or kids to write about an outdoor adventure. 

Pictures are a plus.