Leftover Hunting Licenses Available in Wyoming At Automated License Agents

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Leftover Hunting Licenses Available in Wyoming At Automated License AgentsCHEYENNE– Sales of leftover big game licenses at automated license agents have been very steady, according to Game and Fish license section manager Jean Cole.

“More than 5,000 licenses were sold on Aug. 15, the first day reduced price licenses were available,” said Cole.  “And while this volume put some strain on the system, we are working out the glitches and sales are progressing smoothly.”

Leftover license sales have been averaging more than 700 per day since Aug. 15.

In previous years, regular price licenses left over after the drawings were only sold at Game and Fish offices and leftover reduced price licenses were only sold at license agents.  The Game and Fish would send books of reduced price licenses to agents near the hunt areas where the licenses were valid.  “This gave people in those areas an advantage of obtaining the licenses, ” Cole said, “But it made it difficult for someone who lived a distance from that area to obtain a license.” 

Cole said with the new automated system, all hunters have to do is go to any Game and Fish office or one of the 100 fully automated agents in the state and they can obtain a license from that location.   “For example, if a hunter from Cheyenne wanted to obtain a doe antelope license in the Gillette area, a visit to an automated agent in Cheyenne can take care of the licensing.”  A listing of automated agents can be found on the Game and Fish Web site.

Licenses are printed out at the license agent, which saves mailing time and expense, and when a license is sold, the automated system deducts that license from the remaining quota in that hunt area. This information is also reflected on the Game and Fish Web site and makes it easy for hunters to determine the number of licenses remaining in a given hunt area.

Licenses can still be purchased through traditional paper applications from the license section in Cheyenne and those licenses are still being mailed to hunters. Residents are reminded they must be physically present to purchase licenses from license agents.  Resident applications signed and submitted by another person are only accepted at Game and Fish offices.

Hunters with questions on applying for licenses can contact the Game and Fish at (307) 777-4600.