Texas Weekly Migratory Bird Hunting Report – 9/3/2008

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Weekly migratory bird hunting reports are posted from early September through early February.

North Zone Dove: Good hunts were posted in Harrison County around goatweed and plowed ground. Those who hunted in the morning were able to miss the rains associated with Hurricane Gustav; however, rains moved in during the afternoon and put a damper on flight in the northeast region of the state. Many people in the northeast region did not hunt due to preparations for the storm. Soybean fields and milo near Bogota were solid for limits of mourning doves. Lubbock, Abilene and Amarillo saw good shoot in milo, sunflowers and watering holes in the afternoon. Knox City hunters had great opening day shoots with a mix of whitewings and mourners in peanut fields. Not much water in the region, so many birds have been shot in the afternoon around watering holes. A cold front is forecasted to move through the region mid-week, which could push new birds in or out of the area. Prospects are good.

Central Zone Dove: The hotspot of the state was the San Antonio region. Milo and corn fields on the outside of the San Antonio city limits held excellent numbers of whitewings that made for easy limits in the morning. Hondo and Uvalde reported similar results. Those who did not scratch a limit in the morning finished their bag in the afternoon. Outfitters reported a better afternoon flight. Fields in Liberty County saw strong concentrations of mourning dove over goatweed, rice and milo. Fields near Hempstead, Sealy and Brookshire were solid. Hunters near Rockwall reported their birds moved out before the opener. Prospects are good.

Special White-Winged Dove Area: Prospects look good for the Sept.6-7 and Sept. 13-14 special afternoon-only hunting season. Fields around Uvalde and Del Rio look promising. South Texas fields of sunflowers, milo, corn and watering holes are holding the brunt of birds. Laredo, Harlingen, Port Mansfield and Brownsville are loaded with whitewings. Prospects are good.

Teal Prospects: Reports from around the coast indicate strong numbers of teal on the prairies and marshes. The coast has not had much rain in the past two weeks and hot temperatures have aided in evaporation. Water is not in abundance, but those with water should have plenty of birds. The Panhandle received five days of rain in late August that helped fill playa lakes for teal season. Bluewing numbers look good there. The region around Knox City is mostly dry, with scattered reports of birds. Some outfitters fear they may have to dip in their pockets and pay for pumped water.