Elk Hunting Meeting Scheduled for San Luis Valley, Colorado Sept. 11

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Colorado Bull ElkElk hunting policies for an area in the middle of the San Luis Valley will be discussed by Colorado Division of Wildlife officials at a meeting at 6 p.m., Sept. 11, at Center Middle School, in Center.  
To minimize crop damage in high-value agricultural fields, the DOW during the last three years has authorized a summer hunt for bull elk from May 15-July 31, and a cow elk hunt from Aug. 15-Dec. 31. The area is identified as Game Management Units 682 and 791, and is bordered by U.S. Highway 160 on the south; U.S. Highway 285 on the west and north; and Colorado Highway 17 on the east.   These dispersal hunts have been successful.
The elk continually feel harassed and quickly move away from the seed potato and alfalfa fields at the sight of any human activity.  
The DOW is now considering extending the bull hunt into the fall. Rick Basagoitia, area wildlife manager in Monte Vista, will explain the issues and ask for comments from the public.  
If you cannot attend the meeting, call the Monte Vista office at (719)587-6900 or e-mail comments to brad [dot] weinmeister [at] state [dot] co [dot] us.