Toyota to Sponsor W.Va. Big Buck Display & W.Va. Big Buck Contest

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Toyota to Sponsor W.Va. Big Buck Display & W.Va. Big Buck Contest  “The Division of Natural Resources (DNR) will partner with Toyota to promote the West Virginia Big Buck Display and West Virginia Big Buck Contest,” according to DNR Director Frank Jezioro.  “The DNR is very excited about this partnership because it gives us an opportunity to promote these popular programs to a much greater extent and allows the DNR to utilize the resources of a large manufacturing corporation.”

Toyota will be sponsoring both the W.Va. Big Buck Display and the W.Va. Big Buck Contest, which differ in their scope and time frame. 

The West Virginia Big Buck Display allows hunters with legally-taken West Virginia white-tailed buck mounts, taken in any year and scoring 150 or more in either Pope & Young or Boone and Crockett, a chance to display these at West Virginia’s Celebration of National Hunting & Fishing Days. This event is held at Stonewall Resort State Park on September 27-28, 2008.  Those accepted will be given reimbursement for some travel expenses and will have a chance to win prizes.  Because participation is limited to the first 30 qualifying trophy entries received, applicants should enter very soon.  More information on the WV Big Buck Display can be found at:

The West Virginia Big Buck Contest allows hunters who legally harvest bucks in the upcoming 2008 seasons opportunities to submit these for official recognition. These animals must be scored by an official measurer and must meet certain standards. All entries must be completed by January 31, 2009. The bucks, with their dimensions, county of kill, and owner’s name will be prominently displayed in DNR’s 2008 Big Game Bulletin (available February 2009).  Hunters also will receive recognition and plaques at the 2009 National Hunting & Fishing Days at Stonewall Resort State Park.  More information on the Big Buck Contest can be found at:

“DNR’s relationship with the Toyota with regard to the Big Buck Display and the Big Buck Contest has been fantastic,” noted National Hunting & Fishing Days Event Coordinator Jerry Westfall.  “Toyota has been very cooperative and responsive in providing us the necessary promotional items for these programs.  Everyone should check out the W.Va. Big Buck Display Web page, and consider bringing a mount to the upcoming National Hunting & Fishing Days Celebration. Successful hunters should check out the W.Va. Big Buck Contest Web page and consider applying if their bucks meet the minimum standards.